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Little Sun Farm, LLC grows diversified vegetables and culinary herbs on less than one acre, and sells at two farmers markets in the Portland metro area. The farm is currently leasing land from the Headwaters Incubator Program in Gresham, OR, a program helping small farming businesses by providing access to land and infrastructure. Little Sun Farm is owned and run by Reiden Gustafson. Reiden is Laguna Pueblo, Comanche and Scandinavian decent and the name Little Sun comes from one of her family’s Pueblo clan names.

Before starting the farm in 2019, Reiden completed an Agriculture Sciences degree from Oregon State University and an Organic Farming certificate program from Clackamas Community College. While not certified organic, Little Sun Farm is committed to following organic growing methods including cover cropping, crop rotation, the use of row cover, and zero synthetic pesticides. In addition to following organic practices, Reiden enjoys researching the art of ancient Pueblo farming, using unique heirloom (and Native) varieties whenever possible, and dabbling in seed saving.

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